Civil & Commercial Litigation

Litigation is the foundation of our practice.

The Civil & Commercial Litigation team at Avenue Legal has extensive experience in handling a wide variety of commercial, civil and cross-border disputes. Our team consists of experienced litigators in these aspects. Our litigators have a strong understanding of foreign regulations and laws under different legal systems. We are committed to handling disputes with complete efficiency and offer solutions that are practical and commercial. In recent years, Avenue Legal has helped clients to achieve success in some of the most complex international disputes and investigations. Our lawyers will tackle your dispute with enhanced understanding of the CPC, which governs civil litigation. We help in drafting, filing, appearing in court, filing injunctions, seeking reliefs, filing appeals, representation at arraignments and hearings etc. With the right amount of experience, proficiency and command on the subject, our team aims to provide top-notch services to the clients. Our team of dispute lawyers is experienced in the full breadth of civil and commercial litigation and regularly represents the clients before all Judicial & Quasi-Judicial Bodies. Our lawyers are well versed with personal injury cases, medical malpractice, custodial battles, employment disputes, property disputes, corporate and business law etc.

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