Criminal Litigation & White Collar Crimes

Leaders in Criminal Defence

The Firm has significant experience in the field of criminal litigation in India. We are widely recognised as amongst the best law firms for criminal law and are considered the go-to firm for white-collar crime.

In addition to white-collar crime, we adeptly handle a variety of cases covering issues such as violent crime, defamation, crimes against property, cyber-crime, medical negligence, etc. Our lawyers have vast experience in representing clients in all Courts, from the Supreme Court and State High Courts to the District Courts, as well as before investigative and adjudicating authorities.

Our lawyers are proficient in criminal law and are experts in every area of private defence. Our practice in the field of white-collar crime has grown significantly over the past years, especially with respect to money laundering cases and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA Act). In the other areas of criminal litigation, our lawyers have expertise in advising and representing clients from the beginning of an investigation, straight through to the appellate stage.

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